GOD make us a very...very beautiful mind so that human can think at their best..and so do our body goes.what is diet??

A particular diet may be chosen to seek weight gain, weight loss, sports training, cardio-vascular health, avoidance of cancers, food allergies and for other reasons. Changing a subject's dietary intake, or "going on a diet", can change the energy balance and increase or decrease the amount of fat stored by the body. Some foods are specifically recommended, or even altered, for conformity to the requirements of a particular diet. These diets are often recommended in conjunction with exercise.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10 Tip on how to be Slim

1. Walk/jog for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week to boost your metabolism in order to burn that fat.

2. Eat a small handful of almonds (at least 6) every morning. Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks you can eat and the protein is good for burning fat.

3. Purchase a Pilates DVD and do the exercises at least 2-3 times per week. Pilates works on toning your entire body with concentration on your powerhouse (middle section) and will improve your flexibility.

4. Add fiber to your diet and cut down your intake of the bad carbs. Foods such as white bread, pastas, potatoes, and white rice should be limited. Eat brown rice and whole wheat bread instead. To get that needed fiber increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially the leafy green ones).

5. Drink skim milk instead of whole milk. Keep your dairy intake at a minimum because these products often cause bloating and gas.

6. Perform proper crunches at least 3 times a week to train your abs. Avoid sit-ups because they really do very little to firm your stomach. Sit-ups work your hip flexors more than anything else.

7. Drink plenty of water. You should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses per day. Not only will it help fill you up so you eat less, but it aids in digestion.

8. Stop eating within 3 hours of bedtime. If you have to munch on something, eat a small portion of vegetables or fruit. Not eating late can make a huge difference.

9. Eat smaller meals more often instead of 2-3 big meals per day to keep from having that bloated look and feeling. Eating more meals actually kicks up your metabolism.

10. Take a break from healthy eating once and a while and treat yourself to your favorite dessert. If you completely deprive yourself of the foods you love you'll run the risk of going back to your bad eating habits. Moderation is the key.

Just remember that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to slimming your waistline and flattening your stomach. There's no such thing as losing your stomach fast. You have to work at it daily and remain consistent with your diet and exercise.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: A flat stomach comes with TOTAL BODY FITNESS - not just from spot toning your stomach with crunches.

Speaking of total body fitness, here's another one of my favorite sites. Online Body Management is an online fitness site that designs custom workout plans to fit your weight loss goals.

Whether you want to tone up, gain muscle or lose weight, OnlineBodyManagement will develop the plan that's perfect for your needs. This is a superb site for getting your body in tip top shape!

The Truth About SIX PACK ABS

Your No-Hype Guide to Stripping Stomach Fat and Toning Those Abs!

Truth About Six Pack AbsMost abs books are a waste of your money. Mainly because if you've read one, you've read them all. So as a rule, I don't usually buy them unless highly recommended by someone else.

But after reading The Truth About Six Pack Abs I couldn't wait to get to my computer to write this review. It was the best book on ab training that I've ever read and if you follow it, you will see results.

Note: Mike's book is an ebook (electronic book) so you will receive it by e-mail as soon as you order.

When I first skimmed the sales page for the book, I have to admit I almost didn't buy it because the copy looked a little hyped up and pitchy. It sounded like all the rest.

But what drew me in was that the author kept emphasizing the same points I talk about on this site when it comes to the myths on flattening your stomach so I became intrigued.

Still a bit skeptical, I purchased it anyway. However, I'm happy to tell you I was pleasantly surprised with its contents.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is 106 pages of solid information on how to best train your abs. Not only does author Mike Geary recommend the proper exercises, but he discusses diet and offers meal suggestions as well. (I should also note that most of the book focuses on ab exercise and strength training.)

Mike is a personal trainer, which makes him a very credible source on the subject. I also liked the fact that he gives customers his email address and sends a helpful newsletter with great workout tips. He seems to genuinely want to help people and not just concerned about selling his book.

My Review

First of all, Mike begins by explaining the various sections of the abdominal regions. While this part did take me back to 7th grade science class, it really is important that you understand this because many people end up trying to work the wrong areas when they exercise. You really should know the basic sections of the abs.

My favorite part of the book was where he listed the best exercises for your abs (over 20 of them) AND he provided clear, color pictures so you can actually see how to do them.

I will tell you that most of the exercises he mentions are probably best performed in a gym, but if you have some weights, you can also do many of them in your home. He also shows you how to get the most out of a fitness ball - another great way to work your abs.

I learned a lot from Mike's book...much more than I expected to. For example, I didn't know that it's really best to do your ab training at the end of your cardio workout because the ab muscles stabilize your back and you can pre-exhaust them if you do your ab exercises first.

See? Ya learn something everyday! :-)

The reason I am recommending this book to my visitors is because it answers a lot of the questions about professional training that I cannot.

I get emails all the time about weight training, etc. and now I'm happy to refer people to Mike's book... especially since he has the credentials.

While my site does a good job of covering the myths, basic exercises and how to eat... this book dives deep into strength training, which is the most effective way to tone the abs. Cardio and dieting will burn fat, but strength training is what makes your abs and mid section solid.

Ladies, I hope you're not turned off by the fact this book focuses on terms like "strength training" and "six pack." If you want a solid mid section then everyone, regardless of gender, has to do some form of these exercises. I was glad Mike emphasized that.

When you see other women with rock-hard abs and toned middles, they most likely did more than basic crunches to achieve that look. You don't necessarily have to work toward a six pack, but you can use this book to simply flatten and strengthen your middle.

The term "strength training" doesn't necessarily mean weight lifting. You can also build strength by performing certain exercises on a fitness ball. As I mentioned, Mike shows you how to use those too.

From the best abs exercises to sample meals...it's all in The Truth About Six Pack Abs. If you buy one ab book this year, make it this one. It was definitely money well spent for me.

reference from http://www.flat-stomach-exercises.com/

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A good diet is important for good health. A healthy and varied diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight, enhance general wellbeing and reduce the risk of a number of diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis

A healthy diet is a diet based on breads, potatoes and other cereals and is rich in fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will include moderate amounts of milk and dairy products, meat, fish or milk/meat alternatives, and limited amounts of foods containing fat or sugar.

No single food can provide all the essential nutrients that the body needs. Therefore it is important to consume a wide variety of foods to provide adequate intakes of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, which are all important for health.

A Healthy Balanced Diet

Your entire body is made from the food you eat and the water you drink. The human body is roughly 63% water, 22% protein, 13% fat, 2% minerals and vitamins. Eating the highest quality food in the right quantity helps you to achieve your highest potential for health, vitality and freedom from disease. In short, a long and healthy life. Based on 12 years research at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition here’s how to eat yourself to better health.


Food Type Carnivore Omnivore Vegan Vegetarian Halal Kosher Hunter-gatherer Specific Carbohydrate Diet
Fruits and berries No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Greens No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vegetables No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Starchy vegetables No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Grains No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Poultry Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fish (scaled) Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seafood (non-fish) Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
Beef Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes
Eggs Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Milk and cream No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
Cheese and yoghurt No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Nuts No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


A healthy diet is one that is arrived at with the intent of improving or maintaining optimal health. This usually involves consuming nutrients by eating the appropriate amounts from all of the food groups, including an adequate amount of water.[5][6][7] Since human nutrition is complex, a healthy diet may vary widely, and is subject to an individual's genetic makeup, environment, and health. For around 20% of the human population, lack of food and malnutrition are the main impediments to healthy eating.[citation needed] Conversely, people in developed countries have the opposite problem; they are more concerned about obesity.[citation needed]